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Who we are

A Positive Seed



We are a 501c3 Nonprofit organization Rooted in skateboarding and mental health awareness, our mission is to “plant positive seeds” in the world while encouraging others to do the same. We do this through community, skate programming/ events, and media. 


Planting positive seeds and watching them grow creates a chain reaction of growth. It starts with a small action and causes a larger reaction!

A movement that raises awareness by spreading positivity in the world and inspiring other people to do the same. With skateboarding as our roots, our goal is to be an all inclusive community/ resource for skaters and all people to create the same vision and action of moving the world forward in a positive direction. 


A Message from the founder: 


After thinking about the many inspiring responses to my “Skating in a Dress” video, It opened my eyes to see that everyone has the power to help make the world a better place. It’s almost like a chain reaction.. inspire one person, they inspire the next, and so on. There’s not enough genuine goodness in this world for us all not to play a part in making a difference.


Repping APS means you agree to plant positive seeds. The more seeds planted, the better the world can be. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD. Together we are unstoppable. Plant seeds. Watch them grow.

It could be anything-helping out a kid at the skate park, teaching them a new trick, if you see someone skating alone or even hanging out alone just go up to them and try to include them. That little seed you plant has the power to make someone’s day and help the world grow in a positive direction.

I don’t care where you come from, what “scene” you’re in, what you do, how much money you have or your past, respect is universal. We are all human beings and everyone deserves an equal chance and more importantly to be respected.
The future starts with a seed and it starts today. So invest in the future. Whether it’s the  growth and progression of skateboarding or anything else. 

- Christiana


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